Hot Tub Features and Cost

Hot tub is an excellent addition to the house environment.  You are coming from a morning walk and slip into a hot tub and relax your body muscles while organizing your mind to tackle the challenges of the day.  You come back from gym in the evening, you soak your body muscles with hot water, get a soothing massage with water jets and get ready for a comfortable sleep. You come back from office and to get the stress off your mind and relax you stiffed back muscles, you take a dip into the hot tub while still connecting with your family and friends. This way, you always have an option available at home for relaxing before or after any hectic activity.

But how do you get a suitable hot tub in your allocated budget. How do you know which features to look for in a hot tub and how much would you pay for these features. Here we have compiled a small guide for you.

There are many features offered in hot tubs but you will have to look for the ones you are interested in. Here are some of the main features to look for in a hot tub:

Hot Tub Size

It is essential for you to know how many persons are going to enjoy the hit tub simultaneously. It is an important factor as both the design, price and other features of the tub would vary with the size. It may be noted that a hot tub meant for 2 to 3 persons would cost around $2,000 – $7,000. But the price would go as high as $5,000 – $20,000 for a tub that can house up to 10 persons.

Hot Tub Material and Construction

Material of the tub is a vital consideration in selecting a tub for your house. You have to be watchful of the fact that material will not only affect the look and design of tub but also the additional features and comfort level of the tub not to mention the cost. For example the inflatable vinyl tub meant for 4-5 persons would cost around 400$. It would be light in weigh hence portable but not long lasting. In same material you can also get lined tub that can housed or placed in frame above or un the ground and would cost around 4,000$ to 12,000$. To match the décor of your ambient environment with tub, wooden options are also available that can cost around 4,000$ to 10,000$. Acrylic and Rotomolded plastics are also available to choose from.

Massage Jets

To have a better therapeutic experience in the hot tub, look for the jet arrangement, location, pressure and number of jets in the tub. Between 4,000$ to 16,000$ price range you can get whirlpool hot tubs. The price variation depends on the basic or luxury models. Luxury models may have added features of waterfall, purification systems, lighting and sound systems, designer exteriors and more therapeutic jets. While selecting hot tub, look for the arrangement of jets so that it may suite your requirement.

Molded Seats

To have a relaxed time in a hot tub, you need a good seating posture. To have that, each tub is designed with molded seats. Although there are Hot tubs having no seats. It is always better to have seats for more enjoyable experience. You can have single seat for each person or have limited seat options. There are some types of seats that can accommodate two persons to have joyous private moments with partner. Cost of the tub is also affected by the type and number of seats available at a tub.

Cooling System

To enjoy the hot tub in every season of the year, you can get one with a cooling system. With the cooling system installed you can select and adjust the temperature of water as per your liking. During summer you can enjoy the chill of water and relax during a cold bath. The addition of cooling system to the tub would add around 1000$ to 4000$ to the tub depending on which kind of cooling system you are considering.

Hot Tub Controls

There are numerous options available for the Hot Tub control panels. Numerous features of the tub are controlled from these panels including Lights, Jets, Blower control, temperature of water through cooling system, alerts and warnings. Addition of these controls would add to the price of the hot tub as well. You can also add and entertainment system with audio and video controls on the hot tub.